Blackboard Collaborate Ultra
Blackboard Collaborate Ultra
Video conferencing for education

Synchronous eLearning with the most innovative, user-friendly tools

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a video conferencing platform designed specifically for education. It provides a wide range of collaboration tools to maximize student participation and learning, while providing a stable, robust environment for corporate environments.

Thanks to Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, a virtual classroom is just one click away, with an online collaboration tool created specifically for institutions that need to offer their students the most attractive, personalized, flexible learning options.

It reaches far beyond traditional video conferencing to fulfil the wide variety of collaborative needs presented by teachers and students today.

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Designed with the student in mind, it offers a level of interaction that will make students forget they are not in a physical classroom. The simple, convenient, reliable collaborative online learning solution.

It also provides the easiest to use, most innovative tools, facilitating attractive synchronous eLearning and enhancing the teaching and learning experience.

And if you need to download your recordings to other systems in a professional way (AWS, FTP or Kaltura) or create, plan and manage your online events with personalized invitations, you have Collab2 and SmartCollab, two solutions developed by eLearning Media for Blackboard Collaborate.