The video ecosystem for education

Do you want to be a next-generation digital ecosystem innovator?

The Kaltura video ecosystem enhances the use of video technology within each institution, by involving its students, connecting staff members, building a community, and ensuring your institution is leading its field.

Build your own video experiences with maximum flexibility using Kaltura’s solutions and APIs.

Moreover, thanks to other Kaltura solutions such as LectureCapture, PersonalCapture, Virtual Classroom / Meetings and Rapt Media your institution can:


Design more attractive, interactive, effective video-based learning.


Offer live streaming or video on demand (classes, talks, webinars...).


Create interactive presentations and videos, and video-based assessments and tasks.

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Integrate Kaltura with your LMS, exponentially boosting its video capabilities.

Kaltura Reach

Adding subtitles or transcriptions to your educational videos immediately improves engagement, optimizes searches, makes them accessible, and enhances your content’s discoverability.

Kaltura Reach simplifies the process, allowing any institution to generate attractive far-reaching video content. Thanks to its innovative automated speech recognition (ASR) technology, you can automatically generate subtitles and request translation into multiple languages.

Rapt Media

Interactive video promotes engagement, improves learning, and accelerates behavioral change, creating genuine video-based learning experiences. So, what if we take it a step further and create interactive videos?

You can use Rapt Media to create immersive experiences to motivate your students through interactive video. You can easily make any video interactive, using Kaltura’s interactive tools to create, insert, and share immersive, personalized video experiences that boost engagement and improve learning.

Data Analytics

In any video-based learning process, we must identify trends, establish and measure KPIs for swifter decision-making processes, and adapt to the needs of our students and teachers’.

Kaltura Pitch

Thanks to Kaltura Pitch, you can easily create personal video emails that really connect to your audience.

Whether they are class messages for your students, emails addressing the recipient directly, or a closer form of collaboration between colleagues at work, your video emails will stand out so that you can connect to your audience.

Integration with InPlayer

Implement pay-per-view and subscription options by integrating Kaltura’s InPlayer solution, so you can move toward online training projects based on video-on-demand, pay-per-use or subscription.

Integration with MS Teams

Your employees can make video a key component in their collaborative work. Create and share videos seamlessly; view company webcasts, create video galleries, and much more, all through Kaltura’s integration with Microsoft Teams, opening up a world of possibilities for video-based collaboration.