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How are you currently supporting students, faculty and staff at your institution to provide them with the best teaching and learning experience on a daily basis?


Universities and educational institutions in recent years have experienced an exponential increase in online training, but always with the premise of maintaining the best educational level, offering the best experience to students and support to teachers, something that has become a real challenge.


Now more than ever, being able to listen to and meet the needs of all those involved in the teaching and learning process in a changing and demanding context, being able to work together and overcome the difficulties that arise daily, is extremely important and must be managed in a simple and efficient way.

Zendesk Advanced ParnerOne of the best things about Zendesk is that you can get started in less than 30 minutes without IT support. Your time is important, so we made it easy for you to focus on what really matters: supporting students, faculty and staff of your institution. eLearning Media is Zendesk advanced partner.