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User experience and productivity for your LMS

Comprehensive attendance reporting, student participation & engagement monitoring and multi-course productivity tools.

With an ever-increasing interest in development of new learning technologies, the intention of those technologies can become lost. Ensure with Qwickly that the focus remains on teaching and learning.


Quickly Attendance

Track and grade student attendance

Powerful, Integrated Attendance and Participation Tracking for your LMS.

Take the pain out of tracking and grading student attendance with Qwickly Attendance. This robust course tool enables faculty to take attendance that is automatically graded in your LMS Grade Center.

Instructors can take attendance using an attendance list on screen or allow students to check in on their own browser, or use existing Student ID cards to check in when entering class.

  • Automatic Grading: Keep grades up to date all semester long.
  • Multiple Times a Day: Lecture and lab on the same day? No problem!
  • Send Absence Emails: Automatically notify students when they are marked absent.
  • Add Private Comments: Record specific information regarding student absences.
  • All Records: View attendance records in a grid view by date, allowing for easy editing.
  • Record Summary: See student summary of each attendance status (LTI only).


  • Record Ordering: Instantly switch records from oldest first to newest first.
  • Export Records: Download your attendance record to CSV to open as a spreadsheet.
  • Student Photo Integration: Integrate student photos into attendance screens to improve name recognition.
  • Label Sessions: Titles differentiate sessions on the same day or highlight important term dates.
  • Sticky Settings: Common settings are saved intelligently during use of the product, resulting in less configuration.
  • Continuous Development: Ongoing feature development ensures a future-proof attendance platform.

Qwickly Attendance Pro

User-Friendly Attendance Reporting

Streamline data into reporting customized to meet campus needs with Qwickly Attendance Pro.

Streamlined Attendance Reporting Tailored to Campus Needs.

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Convenient Dashboard

Simple and practical design allows users to access and analyze reports in a timely fashion.

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Multiple Views

Organize reports by date, student, unique groups of students, or specific course to identify possible attendance trends.

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Student Verification

Administrators can identify students not attending class and review the last date of student attendance with just a few clicks in order to target appropriate intervention and outreach.

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Data Exports

See a date-based overview of student attendance and allow users to send specific reports to interested parties directly.


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More tools, more power, more features

Revolutionize Course Communication and Content Management

Qwickly Course Tools increases the efficiency of communicating with members of multiple courses and organizations as well as simplifying tasks that need to be done repetitively in each course an instructor teaches.

Qwickly Course Tools is an elegant efficient solution seamlessly integrated into your LMS. Post announcements, distribute content and create discussion topics in a single hub, saving instructor time and frustration.

By simplifying tasks that need to be done repetitively in each course an instructor teaches, you’ll find increased adoption of your LMS. Keep the focus on teaching and learning!

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Send Email

It's never been easier to communicate with all your course members via email.

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Post Announcements

Notify all course members of important information including cancellations or schedule updates.

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Create Calendar Events

Inform students of events that cascade across multiple courses like office hours or study sessions.

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Create Assignments

Instructors can deploy the same assignment across multiple courses with ease.

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Distribute Documents

Share study guides, articles, and resources to courses in a common discipline.

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Add Web Links

Easily link relevant news articles and videos on a regular basis.

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Cloud Documents

Add content directly to multiple courses straight from cloud storage repositories.

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Customize Colors

Match Qwickly Course Tools to your institution's color scheme.

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