Impact by Instructure
Impact by Instructure
Adopting new educational technology

Maximize your investment in educational technology

Impact by Instructure is a technology adoption platform that helps institutions when adopting new educational technologies, offering support for users, migrating to a new LMS, as well as adopting new features within an existing LMS to maximize use and harness its full potential


How can you ensure your institution is taking full advantage of its investment in educational technology? Are you looking for ways to increase academic adoption of the technology implemented at your institution?

Get the data you need to make decisions in real time, identify areas for improvement, display specific messages, and customize support to boost greater adoption and value.

Adoption of new features in your existing LMS

Keep users up to date regarding the latest features and improvements through automatic notifications within the LMS and learning resources.


Stay a step ahead: help your LMS team keep users informed of the latest and best LMS features.


"Just in time" learning support: Make it easy for teachers to learn how to use new tools when and where it is most important and measure their progress.

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Improve the adoption of new features: promote new functions among the right users automatically within the application to increase use from the rollout date onward.

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Measure usability: monitor user comments and usage levels of new features to understand what users think.


Are you considering migrating to another LMS? Do you want real-time information about the onboarding process and to know whether your users are using the tools in your new LMS successfully?

Impact by Instructure is the definitive solution to help your institution successfully migrate to a new LMS, so that you can supervise the onboarding process, communicate proactively with users, measure the impact of training initiatives, and significantly reduce the workload for your technical support team.


Are you seeking the best end user support for your LMS and other technologies in which your institution has invested? Are you interested in reducing support costs and improving troubleshooting times while increasing user satisfaction? Do you want to make sure your teachers and students love using your institution's LMS?

Allow teachers, students, and the staff at your institution to receive immediate assistance within the LMS, increasing their satisfaction and reducing support costs.

With its 3-layered support approach communicate directly with your users, provide 24/7 personalized self-service support, and channel key information from the user to your Technical Support team when needed. In short, it will help you offer your users the best support possible.