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Make your online courses accessible

Accessible content is better content

How important is accessibility to your organization? What happens when a student needs an adapted version of content? How long does it take to assess, prepare, and deliver that personalized version?

If your institution complies with legal requirements regarding the accessibility of its website and LMS, should it not also adhere to such requirements regarding uploaded content?

Anthology Ally (formerly Blackboard Ally), designed to be an indispensable part of your learning ecosystem, is Anthology’s revolutionary accessibility solution that focuses on inclusion, sustainability, and automation, helping you to make your online content more accessible.

Anthology Ally allows you to make online course content automatically more accessible to students, by analyzing any materials uploaded by the teacher in accordance with current international standards of accessibility, and creating, for example, accessible versions of these in various formats, providing suggestions for improvement, creating inclusive learning environments, and improving the learning experience for the students.