Success stories

Read all about some of our clients’ success stories and inspiring experiences

Your success is our success

Success for eLearning Media means achieving happiness for our clients, in implementation, use, and the customization of the solutions we distribute, helping them to achieve their goals and offering them the full value of our services to achieve the highest quality standards and guarantee the best online learning experience.

Our team is passionate about eLearning and technology, and they are proud to work on the most exciting projects with renowned professionals and institutions.

Discover what eLearning Media has achieved in its work with the University of Nebrija and the successful use of Blackboard technologies distributed by eLearning Media, developing a specific education model for Nebrija and helping it lead the field in education innovation (internationally, the Nebrija Global Campus obtained five stars in the prestigious QS stars ranking in 2018).

The University of Nebrija describes eLearning Media as a good traveling companion, emphasizing the proactivity of its collaboration and the solutions proposed.

The San Pablo CEU University Foundation tells us all about its successful implementation of Blackboard Learn as an LMS at its Universities, Business Schools, and Vocational Training Centers, and why it chose eLearning Media as a partner in it process of change management to unify previous platforms and boost technology adoption among its faculty members.

Blackboard provides CEU with stability and facilitates its teaching tasks. They praised the professional support provided by the entire team at eLearning Media, guaranteeing success in an initially complex project.

This video shows the achievements of the Catholic University of Avila with the support of eLearning Media, the successful roll-out and the process of switching over to Blackboard solutions as part of its online education strategy, adapting its needs to the technological solution.

The Catholic University of Avila has been assisted and supported throughout the process by eLearning Media, praising our speed, availability, and friendly approach.

In this video, the University of La Rioja talks about its virtual campus project based on Blackboard Learn, used by 100% of its students and lecturers (both online as well as in the classroom). Always seeking the best options and user service available, the University of La Rioja has chosen Blackboard and eLearning Media to achieve its objectives, an inseparable duo that guarantees happiness and success.

Implemented more than 15 years ago and continually improving, Blackboard solutions are at the heart of learning content management at Pablo de Olavide University, used by all the University’s lecturers and students for teaching and learning. Pablo de Olavide University values the work, collaboration, and support provided by eLearning Media as a fundamental component in the success of this project.

Discover just what eLearning Media has achieved with EOI, successfully implementing and using the Blackboard products distributed by eLearning Media, which have been integrated into EOI’s own systems, consolidating their teaching methodology, customizing their training offer and facilitating their overall administration and management.

When explaining the success of its programs, EOI highlighted the support it has received from eLearning Media and the creation of a nationwide community of Blackboard users.