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At eLearning Media, we are passionate about eLearning

eLearning Media is a consultancy firm with a team of expert professionals who are passionate about education and technology. We have been offering our clients the best technology and services since 2009, helping them to achieve their goals and enjoy the best possible experience, delivering solutions that create a genuine digital online training ecosystem.

But most of all, eLearning Media is all about people, our team of professionals who work passionately to ensure our clients' happiness. Would you like to meet us?

David Puente Bautista
General Manager

I decided to strike out on my own in 2009, after 10 years at a major technology consultancy firm where I was in charge of eLearning and managed projects for the government, companies, and…

Teresa Fusil
Director of eLearning Media Portugal

Teresa Fusil is an education professional who has always worked on the digital side of education projects. She has worked in the public and private sector and has in-depth knowledge of the e-…

Raúl Castillo
Educational Innovation Project Manager

Raúl is an engineer and has been working in innovation and technology applied to education since the year 2000. He was a member of the technical team that secured the IE Business School the top…

Luis Tornos
Blackboard and Open LMS Solutions Manager

Luis is responsible, competent, and enthusiastic about his profession, in his own words "I always want to give 200%".

Since graduating in Educational Psychology he has not stopped working…

Daniel López Checa
Kaltura Solutions Manager

An educator and expert in eLearning training. He went into the world of eLearning, combining his passion for technology with one of his vocations. At eLearning Media, he provides service related…

Juan Antonio Ortiz Caturani
Marketing and Communications Manager

Juan Antonio is passionate about eLearning. With a Degree in Pedagogy and advanced training in eLearning from the University of Seville, he had a clear vision of his passion for technology and…

Ester Muñoz
Blackboard Learn and Open LMS Client Happiness Manager

Ester is an engineer, but throughout her entire career (since she completed her final degree project in 1998), she has been involved in eLearning. She has worked at universities, in companies (…

Daniel Porras
Blackboard Learn and Open LMS Client Happiness Manager

An educator with extensive experience in eLearning and designing IT solutions tailored to the improvement needs and processes of organizations.

During his early career, he helped to create…

Eduardo Vázquez
Blackboard Collaborate Client Happiness Manager

A graduate in Pedagogy with a “lust for life” ... and for eLearning for the last 15 years. A bit of a nerd, a geek, and a follower of trends he believes will enhance his professional and personal…

Alicia Pradas
Blackboard Collaborate Client Happiness Manager

Alicia has a degree in Pedagogy and has been working in the eLearning sector since 2002. She is currently the Client Happiness Manager for Blackboard Collaborate in eLearning Media.


Natalia Calero
Blackboard Collaborate Client Happiness Manager

With a degree in Pedagogy and Psychology, most of her professional life, more than 18 years, she has been managing virtual learning environments, which she is passionate about.…

Mª Ángeles Martín
Kaltura Client Happiness Manager

Lale is an educator and an eLearning enthusiast, her specialist field since she graduated. Her customer relations skills make her a highly valued member of the team thanks to her open friendly…

Luis Teodoro Sanz
Kaltura Client Happiness Manager

Luis has been in the world of eLearning for more than 25 years, always eager to learn and to teach. A curious mix between a computer engineer with a sensitivity for pedagogy and communication.…

Marcelino Martel
EdTech Consultant

Educator and EdTech Consultant with extensive experience in eLearning and technology applied to education. He has always worked in corporate training departments offering answers and solutions…

Óscar Rodríguez Galve
Customer Advisor

As an eLearning Media Customer Advisor, Óscar combines consulting, support and training tasks in different solutions. Thanks to his academic background (Graduate in Law), he can incorporate the…

Cristina Arroyo
eLearning Instructor

Cristina is an education professional specialized in eLearning and digital projects.

She has worked in the public and private sector in different areas (content design, consultancy,…

Alberto Ruiz
Development Manager

Alberto is passionate about technology at all levels, as shown by the eclectic nature of his professional career. Ranging from consultant to developer specialized in eLearning and audiovisual…

David López
Senior Developer

David is a developer who loves to learn new things and discover new challenges in his daily life. He looks forward to finding new challenges every day and has a positive attitude when faced with…

Marc Estupiña
Senior Developer

Mark is a software developer who enjoys programming and trying out new tools to make life easier for other people. He is enthusiastic about new technologies, new development methods, and…

Roger Bosch
Programmer Analyst

Roger is a developer who likes to try out and review the latest technology. He loves to improve tools to help people in their daily lives.

In his free time, he likes to read (especially…

Ramón Llavero
Senior Developer

Ramón has been a professional software developer since 2003. In this time, he has performed all kinds of roles and tasks as an analyst programmer, technical officer (CTO), and now as an expert…

Marcos Pulido
Programmer Analyst

Marcos is a full stack developer who loves to learn new technologies day after day.

He has been working in the world of software development since 2013 in projects as varied as…

Jaddou Nasra

Jaddou is a developer who likes to create applications that improve the end-user experience and learn new technologies to incorporate them into his daily work.

He considers himself an…

César Expósito
Frontend Developer

Cesar is a frontend oriented developer. He likes to keep up to date with new technologies in the industry and has as a priority the development of optimal and usable applications.

In his…

Macarena Fernández
Administration Manager

Macarena studied Business Administration and Management at the University of Seville and her work performance has always been linked to the administrative and organizational part of the company.…