Call it After-Sales, Customer Success, Support, Customer experience... We like to call it the #happiness team, because we do our utmost to make our clients happy through our skills and empathy

We want you to feel our team has got your back and that we are part of your team.

In the era of Chatbots, answering machines and mailboxes, we want you to:

  • Get to know our team.
  • Feel like you always have a safety net.
  • Let your problems become ours and know that our solutions are always available to you.
  • Know exactly what’s happening with your projects at all times.

How do we do it?

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Our top team offers you extensive experience and training. We are not just trouble-shooters; we anticipate problems before they happen.

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In addition to the support provided by the solutions we offer, we also have our own support team available to you at no extra cost.

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We work with the provider’s own support services to ensure that your integrated solutions run like clockwork.

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We are available for a video chat whenever you need us. If you prefer, you can contact us by telephone, email, administrator groups, through Zendesk, our customer care platform...

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You can access administrator groups, user-communities for the different solutions so you can stay up to date, hear the latest news, get in touch with other clients, and receive the support you need.

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We invite you to free webinars with the very latest interesting topics on our solutions requested by our clients.

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We have a training video site and private channels with tailor-made multimedia content just for you: https://kms.elearningmedia.es

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We adapt our solutions to meet your needs, proposing developments, evolutions, fundamental updates for your practical use.

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However, our clients’ opinions are what matter most: "Come for the solutions, stay for the happiness team".