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We create developments to meet your needs. We offer you everything you need so that the solutions adapt to your requirements, integrate with your current systems and offer you all the power you need to achieve what you set out to do.

Our ultimate goal is to provide a completely satisfactory experience in your e-learning ecosystems, providing applications and developments that add value for all users and at all levels of your institution.


Collab2 is a LTI tool that allows to manage and bulk download recordings from Class Collaborate to better manage the storage space of instances and save on the costs associated with storing recordings.

With Collab2 you can make bulk downloads in a simple way and have them catalogued in repositories (AWS, FTP, Kaltura or Panopto), for your record or internal distribution.


Kaltura2 allows you optimize the processes of exporting and deleting videos, simplifying the execution and scheduling of massive actions on the content you have in Kaltura Mediaspace, with significant benefits in terms of storage usage.

With a wide variety of options and rules according to visualizations, metadata and other variables, Kaltura2 will make content management in Kaltura a much simpler task, allowing you to store your recordings in FTP or AWS.


Roster4learn is an LTI tool that provides a more detailed list of learners than the default Blackboard Learn.

Roster4learn has multiple sorting options, allowing the class list to be displayed with filters by course role and group, the list to be downloaded in PDF with photographs and role and group filters applied, and much more.


With Certificates4learn you can automate the generation of certificates that credit the participation in a course or the achievement of the goals defined in Blackboard Learn.Blackboard Learn.

The certificate will be available to the student at the desired time and will have the design chosen by the institution.